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Disney's Tarzan: A Platform Game with Stunning 3D Graphics and Environments

Game Tarzan: A Review of the 1999 Platform Game Based on the Disney Film

If you are a fan of Disney's animated film Tarzan, released in 1999, you might be interested in playing Game Tarzan, a platform game based on the same story. Game Tarzan is a fun and adventurous game that lets you experience the life of Tarzan, from his childhood among gorillas to his adulthood as the king of the jungle. In this article, we will review Game Tarzan and tell you why it is worth playing.

game tarzan

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The Story of Game Tarzan

Game Tarzan follows the plot of the film closely, with some minor changes and additions. You play as Tarzan, an orphaned boy who was raised by a family of gorillas in the African jungle. You learn to survive and thrive in the wild, while also discovering your human heritage. Along the way, you meet Jane, a British explorer who falls in love with you, and Clayton, a greedy hunter who wants to capture you and your gorilla friends. You must protect your home from Clayton's evil plans, while also deciding where you belong.

The Gameplay of Game Tarzan

Game Tarzan is a 2.5D side-scrolling platform game, which means that you move on a two-dimensional plane but with three-dimensional models and environments. You can run, jump, climb, swing, fight, and interact with various objects and characters in each level. You can also use animal calls to summon or communicate with different animals, such as elephants, baboons, monkeys, toucans, and more. Each animal has a different ability or function that can help you in your adventure.

The Controls and Moves of Game Tarzan

The controls of Game Tarzan are simple and intuitive. You use the directional buttons or joystick to move left or right, up or down. You use one button to jump or climb, another button to attack or throw fruit, another button to use animal calls, and another button to perform a special move. Depending on the situation, you can perform different moves such as swinging on vines, surfing on trees, sliding on branches, diving into water, rolling on logs, or riding on animals.

The Levels and Challenges of Game Tarzan

Game Tarzan features 14 different levels with varied settings, enemies, and objectives. You start as a young Tarzan who has to learn the basics from his gorilla mother Kala and his gorilla friend Terk. Then you progress to more challenging levels where you have to face dangerous animals such as leopards, crocodiles, snakes, spiders, bats, bees, piranhas, and more. You also have to deal with human enemies such as Clayton's men who will shoot at you or set traps for you. Some levels require you to collect items such as bananas or coins for extra points or health. Some levels also have hidden areas or secrets that you can discover by exploring or using animal calls.

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The Graphics and Sound The Graphics and Sound of Game Tarzan

Game Tarzan has impressive graphics and sound for its time. The game uses the same animation style as the film, with colorful and detailed graphics that create a realistic and immersive jungle atmosphere. The game also features original music and voice acting from the film, with Phil Collins singing the songs and Tony Goldwyn, Minnie Driver, Brian Blessed, and others voicing the characters. The game also has sound effects that match the actions and events in the game, such as Tarzan's yell, animal noises, gunshots, explosions, and more.

The Reception of Game Tarzan

Game Tarzan was well received by critics and players when it was released in 1999. The game received positive reviews for its graphics, sound, gameplay, and story. The game was praised for being faithful to the film and for being fun and engaging for both children and adults. The game was also nominated for several awards, such as the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences' Interactive Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement in Adapted Story and the BAFTA Children's Award for Best Children's Interactive Entertainment. The game sold over 2 million copies worldwide and became one of the best-selling games of 1999.

The Legacy of Game Tarzan

Game Tarzan spawned several sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations for different platforms and devices. Some of these include Tarzan: Untamed, a 2001 game that continues the story of Tarzan after the film; Tarzan: Return to the Jungle, a 2002 game that follows Tarzan's adventures in Africa; Tarzan: Freeride, a 2003 game that focuses on extreme sports; Tarzan: Jungle Tumble, a 2004 mobile game that is a puzzle platformer; Tarzan: Guardian of Earth, a 2005 mobile game that is an action adventure; and Tarzan: King of Swing, a 2006 mobile game that is a casual arcade game. Game Tarzan also influenced other games based on Disney films, such as Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, and more.

The Conclusion of Game Tarzan

Game Tarzan is a classic platform game that is based on the Disney film of the same name. The game lets you play as Tarzan from his childhood to his adulthood, as you explore the jungle, meet friends and foes, and decide your destiny. The game has amazing graphics and sound that capture the essence of the film, as well as fun and varied gameplay that keeps you entertained. The game was a huge success when it was released in 1999, and it has left a lasting legacy in the gaming industry. If you are looking for a game that is adventurous, nostalgic, and enjoyable, you should definitely try Game Tarzan.


  • Q: What platforms can I play Game Tarzan on?

  • A: Game Tarzan was originally released for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PC, and Game Boy Color. You can also play it on PlayStation Network or on emulators.

  • Q: How long does it take to finish Game Tarzan?

  • A: It depends on your skill level and how much you explore each level, but on average it takes about 5 to 6 hours to complete the game.

  • Q: How can I unlock bonus levels in Game Tarzan?

  • A: You can unlock bonus levels by collecting all the letters that spell TARZAN in each level. There are four bonus levels in total: Treetop Chase, Elephant Hair Dare, Hippo Hop, and Bug Drop.

  • Q: How can I save my progress in Game Tarzan?

  • A: You can save your progress by finding Jane's tent in each level. You can also use passwords or memory cards to continue your game.

  • Q: What are the differences between the different versions of Game Tarzan?

  • A: The PlayStation version is considered to be the best version of the game, as it has the best graphics, sound, and gameplay. The Nintendo 64 version is similar to the PlayStation version, but with lower quality graphics and sound. The PC version is also similar to the PlayStation version, but with some minor bugs and glitches. The Game Boy Color version is a completely different game, as it is a top-down action adventure game with pixelated graphics.


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