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Homeland Season 7

Homeland really turned its season around this year, and concluded things with a harrowing fate for Carrie (Claire Danes), who spent seven months meds-free as a POW in Russia. And, if you know anything about Carrie's mental state, that doesn't exactly leave her in a good place (which is really an extreme understatement). So the first question is: how will that affect Season 8?

Homeland Season 7

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He was one of the president's greatest critics last season, and in season seven, right-wing shock jock Brett O'Keefe (Jake Weber) is on the run, with a warrant out for his arrest after he published a story claiming the assassination attempt on Keane was a hoax. His crazy accent is still in place, however.

Friends, colleagues and family members might have come and gone, but tech expert Max (Maury Sterling) is a constant presence in Carrie's life. Onboard with even her most out there schemes, he mostly flies under the radar, except for that time in season six when he came face-to-face with dodgy black ops supremo Dar Adal (F Murray Abraham).

Over the years, Carrie's psychiatrist sister has gone above and beyond to support her younger sister, while also keeping her somewhat accountable for her actions. When season seven begins, Carrie and Franny are living with Maggie (Amy Hargreaves) and her family in Washington DC.

Through season 6, Dar wielded his influence and waged covert operations until he finally hit the limit (in an attempted coup against a sitting U.S. president). Along the way, we learned a great deal about him through interactions with his star assassin, Peter Quinn.

While Dar Adal never had any limits, his behavior went to a stunningly dark place in season 6. Worried about President Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) gutting the budget for intelligence services, Dar maneuvers his best to show Iran has a parallel nuclear program going.

When all else fails, he sets a very demented plot against Keane in motion. And in the season 6 finale it all hits the fan, as something that brazen will do. General McClendon, working on his own set of grudges, moves to assassinate Keane and pin it on Quinn.

By the end of the season 6 finale, Dar is in federal custody for his role in the assassination attempt. When Saul pays him a visit, the first thing Dar does is complain about the amateur interrogation methods of those detaining him. But he begins to explain.

Homeland has taken viewers on an intense journey for the better part of the last decade, and fans have watched Claire Danes go on a wild ride as leading lady Carrie Mathison. Although the story has gone relatively strong with some crazy plot twists over the years, a big question has been when the story will come to an end. Rumors that Season 8 will be the last have now seemingly be confirmed by none other than Danes herself, who said this about Season 8 as the last season and how she's feeling about it:

Rumors have abounded for a while that Homeland would come to an end after Season 8, and Claire Danes sounded pretty certain in her comments during a recent chat on The Howard Stern Show. Although a representative for Showtime has said that the network has yet to make an official decision for the show potentially going beyond an eighth season, fans probably want to start preparing themselves for the end. Danes' comments don't leave a lot of wiggle room about her readiness to move on from the role of Carrie Mathison, and there's no Homeland without Carrie Mathison.

That said, there's not a whole lot of Season 7 left. The Season 7 finale will hit the airwaves on Sunday, April 29 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime. The good news for fans is that they haven't had to worry even a little bit about Homeland getting a premature axe and ending after Season 7. Homeland scored a huge renewal from Showtime back in 2016. The network ordered Season 7 and Season 8 of the series before the sixth season went into production! The huge renewal may be a sign that Showtime won't want to let Homeland go, but there's also every chance that Showtime is simply waiting until the time is right to hand down the official news that the show will be done after Season 8.

We can only wait and see at this point. The remaining episodes of Homeland Season 7 air on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime. For your viewing options once Homeland is finished for the season, swing by our midseason TV premiere guide and summer TV premiere schedule. If you need to know which network shows have had their fates already decided for the 2018-2019 TV season, swing by our rundown of TV renewals and cancellations.

Here's what makes 2017 interesting: Game of Thrones won't be eligible this year; the majority of a show's season needs to have aired by the May 31 deadline to qualify for eligibility -- Game of Thrones won't even have started when nominations are announced. House of Cards got in just under the wire, dropping all of its episodes on May 30, but will Emmy voters have had a chance to watch it all? Downton Abbey is over, and Mr. Robot's second season didn't deliver on its promise. Homeland and The Americans are still going strong, so at least one will definitely appear in the category, but the path is largely cleared for a new wave of dramas. 041b061a72


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