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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading Your TikTok Data and Analyzing It

You can request a copy of your TikTok data and download information like your profile (username, profile photo, profile description, and contact info), your activity (videos, comment history, chat history, purchase history, likes, and favorites), and your app settings (privacy settings, notification settings, and language settings). The steps to download your TikTok data are the same for both iPhones and Androids.

Notice of Dispute. To tell TikTok that you want to start the informal dispute resolution process, you must email Please include your name, the email address associated with your TikTok account (or if no email address is associated with your TikTok account, any valid email address where you can be contacted), a telephone number where we can reach you, a screenshot of your TikTok account page, your country and state of residence (where applicable), and a description of your claim and alleged harm.

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If you are a new TikTok user, and you have not agreed to a prior version of the Arbitration Agreement, you may opt out of the Arbitration Agreement. To opt out of this Arbitration Agreement, you must notify TikTok no later than 30 days after first becoming subject to this Arbitration Agreement by sending an email to from the email address associated with your TikTok account (or if no email address is associated with your TikTok account, any valid email address where you can be contacted). The email must include your name, the email address associated with your TikTok account (or if no email address is associated with your TikTok account, any valid email address where you can be contacted), a screenshot of your TikTok profile page, your state of residence, and a statement indicating your desire to opt out from this Arbitration Agreement. If you do so, neither you nor TikTok can compel the other to arbitrate pursuant to this Arbitration Agreement. You may only submit an individual opt out on your own behalf. Any attempt to opt out more than one individual in an opt out request is invalid as to all such requests. If you are an existing user and have agreed to the Arbitration Agreement in a prior version of the Terms without opting out, you do not have an opportunity to opt out. TikTok will continue to honor the opt outs of users who validly opted out of the Arbitration Agreement in a prior version of the Terms.

While you can manually access and download leads data, it can become hard to manage and follow up with your customers in a timely manner. This is why we recommend you integrate your leads data with a CRM.

TikTok includes three main categories of data it allows you to download: "Your Profile," "Your Activity," and "Your App Settings." Unfortunately, unlike other social media apps, you can't pick and choose the data you want to receive. It's all or nothing. Here's what you can expect to see in your report:

You'll find a large, red "Download" button at the bottom. You only need to tap that button once to begin the request. TikTok will switch over automatically to the "Download Data" tab, with your pending request visible on-screen. Once your data comes in, you'll find it here. Just make sure to download it fast, as TikTok will remove it only four days after it's created.

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All buttons and texts on the embedded video are interactive. By tapping on them, the user will be linked directly to the corresponding content page on The "Discover more on TikTok" button at the bottom of the embedded card will either link users to the Trending Page if the user is browsing on desktop, or deeplink users to the TikTok product page on the App Store / Google Play if browsing on a mobile device.

Yes, TikTok stores and uses data for personalized ads, among other things.\n"}},"@type":"Question","name":"Can I download my TikTok data?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Yes, you can download your personal data that TikTok has compiled on you.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Do all social media sites keep my personal data?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Not all, but most of the large social media sites store and use their users personal data for ads and other things.\n","@type":"Question","name":"How long does it take to download my data from TikTok?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"It is usually pretty fast, but sometimes the data can take up to 3 days to process on the server side before the file is ready to download.\n"]} About the Author Colby MaxwellColby is a science and tech writer that fell in love with computers after he hacked his neighbor's wifi as a kid (and got in serious trouble). He primarily writes about science, new technology, and innovative concepts that have the potential to change the world, or let him game in 4k. Follow Me On:

As you can see here, included within App Annie's 2020 mobile app report, they've listed the top ten apps of the year in terms of 'Total downloads', 'Consumer spend' and 'Monthly active users'. The information is based on App Annie's data tracking, which is not as reliable as official users counts posted by the companies themselves, but it is indicative enough to provide an overview of comparative performance in the market.

There's a heap more app performance data in the full report from App Annie, which you can download here (with email sign-up). If you're looking to get a better understanding of app usage trends, it's definitely worth a look.

TikTok grew out of a space for teenagers to show off their dance moves and lip sync. Now a major infotainment platform for Gen Z, millennials, and beyond, it is no longer just a "Chinese app" but a place for new trends, authentic dialogue, and advanced search. TikTok's growing popularity is only making it more interesting to users from other social media platforms, celebrities, researchers, brands, tech giants, and even FBI! ? So can we download that data?

Now click on Export results button, or go to the Storage tab. Storage contains your scraped data in many formats, including HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and RSS feed. You can preview data using the Preview button, and download it in a format that suits your needs.

Unfortunately Pyktok's video and comment downloading functions are broken as of Feb 10, 2023. Downloading of metadata still works. If you know anything about web scraping, help us out on the Issues page. Thanks!

To download metadata ONLY from the video URLs used in the preceding two lines of code (to also download the videos, change False to True). If TikTok autobans the scraper, try changing the 1 to a higher number to increase the number of seconds between executions.

To download up to 30 metadata lines from a user page (note, for this to work you must set the browser_name parameter to a browser on your system that you have used to access TikTok and that is supported by browser_cookie3. I think the only valid values are 'chrome' and 'firefox'. Also you can get the videos by setting save_video to True):

You'll get a dataset containing the output of this actor. The length of the dataset will depend on the amount of results you've set/got. You can download those results as an Excel, HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV document.

TikTok takes a few days to process your request, after which you can download your data in TXT or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file formats. TXT files appear as plain texts you can read. JSON files appear as codes or structured data that are intended for devices to interpret. It's the best option for transferring your data between web applications. You can open both formats with Google Docs and alternative processor apps.

Your TikTok data doesn't include uploaded videos, and you need to download those individually from your profile. Additionally, you can't use the data to restore your account after you've permanently deleted it. If you have a request pending review and you still proceed to delete your account, the request won't be affected. When you reactivate your account, you'll see the pending request. However, you need to download your data within four days. Otherwise, it expires, and you have to make another request.


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